Belonging when you’re alone

It’s easy to feel alone when you move away from the world you know. No friends or family, and those you have back home are often only awake for an hour or two when you are. ‘When you’re taken out of your comfort zone and put in a country on the other side of the …

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Travelling vs. Holidays

Something that I’ve recently discussed with friends is the difference between travel and holidays. The difference between the two is quite vast; and something that has commonly occurred at work, is people believing when I have time off, I’m going on holiday, rather than travelling, and then questioning why I am so tired when I …

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Teamwork as a life skill

As part of the continuation of Project Wilmington, I was working with a colleague based in our North America offices. Geoff has an incredible technical knowledge of financial services, and the continuation of Project Wilmington allowed him to display this knowledge. However, it was becoming evident as the project progressed that it was difficult for …

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