The Bell Jar

One Friday night I was sat at home scrolling through book recommendations and came across on for The Bell Jar by Silvia Plath. It’s a coming of age story that was recommended for young females in particular, and so I went to Waterstones and picked myself up a copy. It’s a chilling novel on the …

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Not letting your past affect your future

Since I’ve been coming to the end of my time in London, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting and thinking about what I’ve enjoyed most about being here and why I would like to stay so much. So many people have asked me the same question, and sometimes it feels like the answer changes …

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Travelling vs. Holidays

Something that I’ve recently discussed with friends is the difference between travel and holidays. The difference between the two is quite vast; and something that has commonly occurred at work, is people believing when I have time off, I’m going on holiday, rather than travelling, and then questioning why I am so tired when I …

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