Corporate Culture?

Something that the company focuses on is taking that relationship outside of the office and socialising away from client work. We have designated social coordinators who have organised some fantastic events for us and really allowed me to develop my networking skills – which is something you can take to any job, or onto client site.

I’ve never really appreciated the socialising side of corporate life until I began working with the people I now work with. It was a bit of a shock when I found out there is a work WhatsApp group that allows us to share information, banter about sport and photos from everyone’s travels. Whilst it could be considered overkill to speak to your colleagues even when you’re not at work; it builds relationships that otherwise wouldn’t allow us to work as well as we do together.

Because I did move over to London not knowing anyone, the people I met in my first few weeks have really made me appreciate their presence even more that I previously would have. We recently had a strategy day that included an awards ceremony for people’s different quirks. In any other workplace, this could be too risky and a sure-fire way to offend people – but because of the relationships we have with each other, it became a hilarious way to celebrate each other.

When I first wrote my learning outcomes, I thought corporate culture would be the most difficult to measure, but just being present when we’re outside of the office socialising ensures that I have the relationships and memories with these people to feel more comfortable and work more efficiently with them.



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