Learning Outcomes

Before we began working  this year, we were set a list of Course Learning Outcomes by RMIT in order to make us more work ready.

  1. Demonstrate an enhanced understanding of the world of work & a first hand, practical appreciation of current business issues
  2. Employ discipline specific knowledge & skills to analyse a workplace issue
  3. Set professional goals and manage time appropriately
  4. Identify convergence or divergence between theoretical concepts & observed business practice
  5. Communicate an understanding of the challenges of a real world business environment
  6. Work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds
  7. Develop employability skills, and become work ready

We then as part of our first transition into work, had to develop our own professional learning goals (Course Learning Outcome 3).

  1. I will develop a transferable skill set, that not only can be used in financial services consulting, but in any other future career paths I may follow
  2. I will endeavour to gain as much industry experience, (financial services and consulting industries namely), and learn how the industry evolves to present changes in the political, social and economic environments
  3. I will indulge in the corporate culture of the organisation I work for, and become part of the lifestyle of the organisation, as well as the community of people that is created with co-workers




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