Storytelling as a career

It’s very rare you walk into a company and have the exposure to senior management that I’ve had over the past 4 months – so that’s something I’ve really cherished and valued, particularly when it comes to gaining industry experience and life lessons. In a discussion with one of our MD’s, Ryan, he explained that his friends joke that he is the Chandler of the group – no one really knows what he does for a living. He then continued to explain that his sons have the simplest way to explain what their dad does.

Consulting in their eyes is about taking complex problems and explaining them and the solutions to solve them in an interesting way – in the same way we tell stories. Once I’d had this discussion I realised that it was in fact that simple. We use PowerPoint for everything at work – and the way that we use it to tell those stories is so effective that they can stand alone, without anyone needing to talk to it.

Below is a simplified version of how we approach storytelling at work – I’ve used core values, which also correspond to my learning outcomes, to visually represent how the three integrate to enhance my employability at the end of my industry experience.



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